Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Troubles in Ouaga

You have probably read of the troubles in Ouagadougou over recent days. I have not had time to blog about this with our recent family concerns, but here is a brief summary.

The Presidential Guard started rioting over unpaid housing allowances, which then spread into soldiers rioting in other towns. In Ouaga, traders then rioted to complain about the soldiers actions. President Compaore has dissolved his government, changed the Prime Minister, and dismissed the heads of the army, air force, and police. Friends in Burkina have reported the situation to be very unsettled.

The situation yesterday however was reported to be calmer, with the Presidential Guard apologising, and calling on all soldiers to stop further manifestations. Whether things will improve from here remains to be seen. Please pray for peace and justice in Burkina. Thank you.

For a brief summary of the situation, read this article at Bloomberg. For detail, go to leFaso.net, probably the best online site (in French) for news from Burkina.

My colleague in Burkina has also summarised recent events and translated some of the comments from leFaso.net into English to give you an idea of local reactions to recent events.