Monday, 9 May 2011

The Big Five-O

This year Burkina Faso celebrates 50 years of independence, and I too turned 50. So I plan to run 50km, (five 10km races) to raise awareness of, and funds for our work to bring God's blessing to Burkina Faso.
We are asking people to sponsor me or do their own "Faso Five-O Fundraiser". Half of all money raised will go towards the building of the Christian Primary School in Gorom-Gorom. The rest will help APT in all our other work of poverty relief, education, community development, evangelism, and church-planting.
So, here are three things I would like to ask you to consider doing:
  1. Sponsor me for one or more of the races by following the links below (and get your friends to sponsor me too!)
  2. Join me on one of the races and get people to sponsor you
  3. Hold your own "Faso Five-O" fundraiser. 
To find out more, including how you can join me on the runs, or hold your own "Faso Five-O" Fundraiser, visit

These are the races I will be running:
Running five 10ks may not be a marathon, but I have never run a road race before, so this is a big challenge for me. I have finally begun training - this was somewhat delayed because of Lynne's health problems following Isla's birth - and am feeling the effects of turning 50. My body is complaining and not responding like I think it should!

Thank you for supporting me in this!