Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Food Aid in Gorom-Gorom

Pierre, Pascal and Seydou have been organising food aid for the people of Gorom-Gorom, providing help from APT to over 300 families in a time of need.
Click here to read more at the APT website:

To support APT's work, click here to donate online, or click here to sponsor Keith with his "Faso Five-O" Fundraising Runs.

Scotland Does Its Part.

My second run, on Sunday, went very well. I finished it in 54mins, 56secs, which was 3.5 mins faster than the first one!

Here are some photos of me with Lynne and Isla before the race, and of me crossing the line at the end.

Half of all money raised will go towards phase 2 of the Gorom-Gorom school building project, and the rest will go towards APT's other work of poverty relief, church-planting etc.

So far we have raised about £800 from the Scottish run, and about £900 from the Northern Irish one. Let's hope England and Wales can do as well!

To sponsor me or sign up to run with me, or find out more about the runs, click on this link:
Faso Five-O Fundraising Runs

Friday, 17 June 2011

One Down, Four to Go!

I finished the Lisburn 10k, the first of my five 10k runs, on Wed, at a time of 58mins, 35secs. Having never run a road race before, I was very happy with this time!

Lynne and Isla came to cheer me on, and my friend Stuart Wilson joined me on the race itself. This is a photo of Stuart and me with our medals at the end of the race:
For the Lisburn race, we have received £901 so far, for which we are very grateful. Half of all money will go towards building the second phase of the school in Gorom-Gorom. The rest of the money will go towards the rest of our work with APT in Burkina Faso, which includes poverty relief, education, church  planting, and community development.

The next race is in two days time in Glasgow. You can read more about my other races, and sponsor me (or sign up to run with me!) at the Acacia Partnership Trust website: click on this link:
Faso Five-O Fundraising Runs

Thank you!

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Faso Five-O Video

Here is a 2-minute video about our work in Burkina Faso, prepared for the "Faso Five-O" Fundraisers.