Wednesday, 28 September 2011

APT Online Shop now Open for Business!

Are you looking for a solution to the problem of birthday and Christmas presents? An alternative to just more "stuff"...?

We now have the answer at the APT Online Shop, where you can buy "apt" gifts that also help the church in Burkina Faso make a difference in local needy communities.

APT Shop - card example
How it works
You choose an "apt" gift for someone - for example, primary education, poverty relief, evangelism. The money given through APT will help alleviate need in northern Burkina Faso. And the person will receive a beautiful card telling them of the gift given in their name.

In a time when we have so much stuff, and when half the world is struggling with so little, this is a great way of  doing things differently and making an impact in the world.

Why not ask your friends and family to get you an "APT" gift this Christmas, instead of more socks and gadgets?

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