Thursday, 13 October 2011

From death to life.

I was just speaking to one of the pastors in Burkina Faso, and he told me this story that happened in his village in the last month concerning a young Fulani lady:
"We have been sharing Christ with Mariama for ages, and prayed for her when she was ill. Recently she fainted, and after 3 hours, her family concluded she was dead. They began digging the grave, and, according to custom, her body was washed ready for burial.

Then she woke up!

She called for a Christian friend, and asked to be taken to church, where she gave her life to Christ..

Two weeks later, she died."

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  1. Keithfulani, when the Lord Jesus calls you to be his co-heir, you can´t say no.Thank God this lady is save now.
    May our Lord bless you and your family, doing this marvelous job letting more and more people
    knowing about God´s redeeming plan.
    Please visit my blog :