Saturday, 28 November 2015

Campaigning is now Closed

Tomorrow is election day. Campaigning - which has generally been considered positive and without problem - has closed. Now 17,160 approved observers (of whom a small group were having lunch across from us in Kaya museum today) are heading out around the country to ensure that the voting will be free and fair. They include about 5,000 observers from Codel, a group of 35 different local civil society organisations, 133 from ECOWAS, and 48 from the EU. Also, 1,719 accredited journalists, of whom 68 are "international"

Following on from yesterday's post, this article gives us some interesting figures from the most recent poll regarding Sunday's presidential election.
According to this poll, Roch leads with 35.6%, Zeph has 26.9%, with Barry now in 3rd place with just 4.5%. 24% are as yet "undecided". Again, the figures suggest a likely run-off election between the two leaders.

Interestingly however, the poll suggests Roch is favourite mostly in rural areas and "among the less-educated", whereas Zeph is favoured in urban areas, and especially among secondary and university-educated voters. This may reflect the fact that, among those without the opportunity to read papers and websites in French, Roch is really the only name they recognise. 

It is also interesting to note that, despite some definite problems (and vocal criticism) during the last year, the president of the transition still has a 73% approval rating! It seems that people feel the transitional government has done its job - maintained democracy, overcome a coup d'etat, and is ready to successfully run the election and step down. According to the poll, 88% say they will accept the result of the election, which holds out hope that fears of violent disupute may be exaggerated. It is great we can look forward with hope to free and fair elections. However, maybe expectations of radical change are not so realistic. 

Please continue to pray for a just and peaceful election and return to democracy. 
CENI, the Independent National Electoral Commission, has committed to announcing the results just one day after the vote. You can follow results here:

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